[thelist] SQL, Dates and more mental health

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at COMPAQ.com
Wed Apr 4 08:50:13 CDT 2001

Hi Ryan,

Yup - working with date/time data can be a pain.

More of a debug than an answer ... but I would try some "where
((Month(Start) > Month(view_date))" and "(Month(End) < Month(view_date))"
alone to see what you get back ... before trying to combine them.

Add the "Year(foo) >= Year(bar)" when you need it as well.

You could also try some "Select view_date, (view_date + 1) as goofy_date;"
to see if it appends that "1" as a text string ... or if it adds a day to
the date as it should.  [Ran into something similar to that yesterday
...everything "looked" to be numeric ... but I had to divide a few columns
by "1" to get them recognized as numbers.]



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