[thelist] CSS in Netscape 4 Heeeeeeeelp!

Niklaus Haldimann runciter at rosa.com
Wed Apr 4 09:34:38 CDT 2001

Rachell Coe wrote:
> I'm sorry, I should have explained it better.  My main CSS problem is that
> once those three text links are clicked on, they assume the normal 'visited
> link' color of blue which is the same color as the background they are on
> thereby making them disappear (however, this seems to only happen in
> Netscape 4).  However, the email link works fine.  I've checked the coding
> and they all seem to have the same CSS coding -- so I don't understand why
> the email link is working in Netscape 4, and not the other 3 text links.

The order of the link-style definitions in the style sheet is important.
Wrong order will sometimes produce weird behaviour like the one you
describe. Try this order:


Cheers. Nik.

Niklaus Haldimann
Frontend Engineer
R.Ø.S.A. Internet Concept and Creation

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