[thelist] CSS in Netscape 4 Heeeeeeeelp!

Judith Taylor judi at frognet.net
Wed Apr 4 09:41:53 CDT 2001

One thought as to why the linkcolor is working for the email link and not 
the page links, is because the of the differences in how Netscape handles 
them. With the email link, it's causing the users' email client to open 
with a blank message ready to be typed. The page links are opening going to 
a new page. One way of looking at it is that the email link doesn't 
complete a circuit while the page links do (using electricity as a metaphor).

Instead of creating a separate class for your link colors you might want to 
consider using the A :link selectors.

example: A:link, A:visited {color: #FFFF33; text-decoration: underline}

This will work for both Netscape and IE and you can use a normal anchor tag 
without having to specify a class.


Rachell Coe put into words:
>I'm sorry, I should have explained it better.  My main CSS problem is that 
>once those three text links are clicked on, they assume the normal 
>'visited link' color of blue which is the same color as the background 
>they are on thereby making them disappear (however, this seems to only 
>happen in Netscape 4).  However, the email link works fine.  I've checked 
>the coding and they all seem to have the same CSS coding -- so I don't 
>understand why the email link is working in Netscape 4, and not the other 
>3 text links.
>Any ideas?

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