[thelist] DSL Access

Gary Pupurs garyp at speakeasy.net
Wed Apr 4 10:34:23 CDT 2001

> > I havent had to shop for an ISP in a while, so I apologize if this is an
> > overly obvious question.
> > Is there a search engine for ISPs?  Ive tried www.findisps.com and
> > www.dsl.com , neither of which yielded anything productive.
> > Im looking for business DSL access in our area; does anyone have a
> > site(s) they want to share?

I strongly recommend Speakeasy.net for DSL if you want to run servers, want
static IP addresses, run Linux, or don't want to deal with PPPoE.  They
support all of that, which many DSL providers dont.  They also have packages
with guaranteed bandwidth.  Tech support is usually helpful, although
they've picked up a lot of users lately from bankrupt providers, so they're
straining a bit.  But when I need to talk with them last year, they really
knew their stuff.  Much better than my friend's experience with Mindspring.

I have a residential connection with them, but their business DSL rates seem
very reasonable compared to some I've seen.  They're very open, the CEO
emails subscribers monthly (with his own phone number listed!).  If I were
you, ask them for a few of their business customer phone numbers you could
call, I'd guess they'll give you a few if they can...

Speakeasy is also great for gamers, another group they target, as long as
you live close to their POPs.  Don't take my word for it, though, they're
written up and recommended on DSLReports.com as well, as Daniel said.

(And tell them "garyp" sent you so I get my kickback. Grin.)


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