[thelist] what do you use to create code from layout?

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Wed Apr 4 11:02:13 CDT 2001

> From: "Ron White" <ronwhite at members.evolt.org>
> I like the tag completion of HS, what don't y'all like about it?

been a while since i've used HS...

but when i'm typing in copy, or elements, i do the opening tag, the 
content, and the closing tag... but in HS (or others) tag completion 
automagically inserts the closing tag after my cursor, so when i get 
to the end, i still have to take some action to get past it, whether 
by arrowing, hitting something like 'end', or using my mouse to 
move the cursor...

also, when doing tables, i indent how i like, so when i hit a hard 
return, i want to be at the start of the next line, not tabbed in 
because i just used a </td> on the previous line... so i have to stop 
and untab/unspace...

for the most part, the editors have inadequate page opening tags... 
no DTD, none of the meta tags i use, wonky order, gratuitous meta 
and other tags...

that and i don't have time to customize the code completion 
features, so i get capitalized tags, bad or missing attributes, 
attributes in the 'wrong' order (i have a preferred order for most 
attributes, so it's easier to code from the top of my head), bad 
spacing/tabbing... etc...

not to mention it makes me become lazy... so many times i've had 
to sit at the server at a client's and work in notepad, and it's easier 
to have that be your default tool anyway, not looking an arse for not 
closing a tag and all...

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