[thelist] Industry Associations

Green, Janet JGreen at DesMoinesMetro.com
Wed Apr 4 11:29:18 CDT 2001

A few organizations worth checking out, in addition to Evolt: 

www.hwg.org - The HTML Writer's Guild
http://www.a-w-p.org/ - Association of Web Professionals
www.iwanet.org - International Webmasters Association
http://www.association.org/ - Association of Internet Professionals

I'm not sure that organization membership is really a criteria in and of
itself for evaluating clients, unless the organization has a strict
evaluation process for admitting new members. (If anyone can join just by
paying dues, that doesn't mean much.) On the other hand, INVOLVEMENT IN an
organization says that the client buys into the principles and standards
that the organizations stands for, and might be a better measure. If they
are active in the org's leadership, are frequent seminar or panel discussion
participants, or otherwise taking part in the org's activities, that carries
a little more weight in my opinion. 

>>>>>p.s. Just read Janet Green's suggestions.  Brilliant.<<<<<

WOOHOO!! Paola, thank you! I'm going to have an ego problem VERY soon!! 

Chat up your clients about their involvement in industry associations and
organizations. Active participation in such groups suggests that they
actually care about their industry in addition to caring about their own
shop; this might mean they have more staying power (and will therefore be
around to write your check when the project's done) than a client who has no
apparent industry ties.

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