[thelist] Parsing text (ASP)

J J squid_66 at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 4 11:34:33 CDT 2001

Exactly!  Where I'm stuck is I think I can find the
first one, but then I'm not exactly sure how to go
from there, then find the Z instance, then stop,
replace, then continue/start over.  :)

Any chance you've got an ASP capable example or know
where to look to find the answer?  MS Scripting docs
are horrible.

--- Tab Alleman <talleman at autobex.com> wrote:
> that's for sure, but I've had to do it, and I did
> something like this
> <pseudo pseudo pseudo code>
> Find the first instance of "<img"  Or "<a href"  and
> call it "a"
> Starting from that point, find the first instance of
> ">".. call it "z"
> Save a sub string from "a" to "z"
> Do a replace() on the sub string
> start from after "z" and do it again until there are
> no more instances of
> "<img" or "<a href" left in the remainder of the
> string

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