[thelist] Industry Associations

Marc Seyon seyon at carib-link.net
Wed Apr 4 13:48:48 CDT 2001

>I do mention my membership to some prospective clients mostly so they know 
>that I do my best to take myself seriously and try to learn as much as I 
>can (I thought I was getting to where I knew at least a thing until I 
>signed up over here <g>).

Not directed at you, Tamara, but people can take themselves too seriously. 
A case in point. I won't name specifics in case someone wants to get in a 
huff with me about it. But.
In my small "just about 1 million people, total population" Caribbean 
country, one "enterprising" guy, whose biggest claim to fame was that he 
figured out how to code his site to look like Yahoo's, decided he wanted to 
make himself the de facto head honcho.

So he mimicks the Int'l Webmasters' Association (can you see a trend 
developing) and creates a [Name of My Country] Webmasters' Association. 
First funny story. He named his organisation ... Webmaster's Association. 
Don't think grammar was his strong point.

Then he instituted three rules for membership in his glorified 
organisation. One was that you must own or have access to your own server 
or own your own domain. Second funny story. He himself didn't meet either 
of those qualifications. Of course I received no response when I politely 
pointed this out, along with the "Webmaster's Association" thing.

My point? Umm.. I don't have one. :-)
Actually it's this. Basically agreeing with what aadvark said. What 
associations you belong to or certificates you have means nothing if you 
aren't serious about what you do. And good at it, or at least genuinely 
trying to be.

-marc, thinking he probably needs to pay a tip for this rant...

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