[thelist] Fireworks 4 Popup Menus

Boerner, Brian J brian.j.boerner at lmco.com
Wed Apr 4 13:55:58 CDT 2001

If the menuing is a must then maybe a browser detection script and well
documented/orchestrated version control would get you through it

at least that seems to be the lesson we've learned

good luck dude!

np. Neil, "War of Man"

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> we noticed that these FW menus are buggy in a cache-eating way and MM-FWs
> s/w engineering guys said they'd look into it and provide a fix...

I think I read something about Fireworks 4.02 [or something similar] that
improves them. But it means redoing the work in FW.

> these menus are a pain in the long run and I would suggest *not* using
> if you can re-think setting up the site without them........ You'll be
> forever be chasing fixes for different browsers

Its a pity really as I've seen similar DHTML menus working in Opera (such as
the ones on http://cross-browser.com/). I've slightly reworked it now so
that the menu titles link to menu pages for browsers that dont support the
menus. More investigation needed methinks...



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