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Tamara Abbey Abbey at abbeyink.com
Wed Apr 4 14:25:28 CDT 2001

I know exactly what Kath is talking about -- it's very hard when I do 
something and my husband really does try to stay interested. He's down to 
about 30 seconds before his eyes glaze.

>Have you tried Web Grrls? http://www.webgrrls.com/  You
>meet their first criteria :) According to the site they
>have a chapter in Princeton NJ. Basic membership is
>free, more complete memberships are $55 a year.

As far as webgrrls -- that is now a for-profit corporation run by a guy in 
New York City -- there was a big to-do here in Chicago over the for-profit 
status, and yeah, a few were miffed that a man was CEO. Also, all chapters 
will soon be paying dues to New York according to information received by 
members of the Chicago chapter.

As long as I've just wasted everyone's bandwidth, I also met someone Monday 
that started ChicWIT (oh yeah, way better than the *grrls* eh?) and it's 
now WorldWIT (http://www.worldwit.org/) with chapters all over. The local 
group does offer a lot of different types of programs and job fairs 
according to her spiel.

PHP does offer an option that allows you to save your files with the .phps 
extension. That way you can view the source of the code in color which is 
useful for sharing scripts and tracking down errors. This is an option that 
needs to be on in the php config. If you do have this option, keep any 
sensitive information, such as MySQL passwords, in a separate include 
before sharing it with others.</tip>

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