[thelist] what do you use to create code from layout?

deke web at master.gen.in.us
Wed Apr 4 14:36:53 CDT 2001

On 4 Apr 2001, at 11:06, aardvark posted a message which said:

> anyone got a good text editor recommendation that does *decent* 
> color coding?

If that's the same thing as syntax highlighting, yeah. 
GWD Text Editor. 
Shareware from croatia, found at www.gwdsoft.com
IIRC, about $30. 

By default, it's good but not great. If you have "abcd" 
the first will get highlighted, the second won't. It doesn't 
understand escaping in regular expressions, either. But I think
both of those could be fixed if I'd make the slightest effort.

Lots of languages have their syntax highlighting already
defined, but not only can you change it, you can add 
other languages, and define the syntax highlighting you 
want for them as well.


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