[thelist] BIIIIIG tables - HTML or ASP Limitation?

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at COMPAQ.com
Wed Apr 4 15:34:23 CDT 2001

Hi Gang,

I think this is a "common" problem.  You run an ASP report. It tries to
bring back a 35,000 record recordset ... and it simply "times out" in the
user's browser.

I just shot off my mouth this afternoon theorizing that this is a browser
limitation trying to render a table with "too many" rows ... and not an
inherent limitation in using ASP to process a dataset.

The difference is important to me because, if I'm guessing rightly, I should
be able to work some "mime-type" magic, write the ASP recordset to a file as
... say .... Excel or CSV ... and then link to the file and have things all
work nicely together.  [All in-house intranet where all my users have IE and
MS office.]

Am I close to the mark? ... or do I need to pick up a case of Tabasco sauce
to wash down all the crow I'm gonna have to eat?


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