[thelist] BIIIIIG tables - HTML or ASP Limitation?

Tab Alleman talleman at autobex.com
Wed Apr 4 16:18:11 CDT 2001


if the error is an ASP - Script Timeout error.. it's what Nicole said.

if it's "IE timed out trying to open the page" that means that the script is
taking so long to do something without sending any output to the browser
that the browser "gives up" thinking maybe the server died.  If that's the
case, the solution is to put something in your loop that occasionally sends
SOMETHING to the browser (even an empty comment) so that the browser doesn't
give up.

And finally, yes, if you're making an html table, I think there is a limit
to the number of rows it can have, and I've bumped my head on that ceiling
too... I ended up setting a max # of 5000 records you could show on one
page, and then having "Next 5000", "Previous 5000" .. all that stuff.
Another solution, of course, is don't use a table to display your data.
ugly though.



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Hi Gang,

I think this is a "common" problem.  You run an ASP report. It tries to
bring back a 35,000 record recordset ... and it simply "times out" in the
user's browser.

I just shot off my mouth this afternoon theorizing that this is a browser
limitation trying to render a table with "too many" rows ... and not an
inherent limitation in using ASP to process a dataset.

The difference is important to me because, if I'm guessing rightly, I should
be able to work some "mime-type" magic, write the ASP recordset to a file as
... say .... Excel or CSV ... and then link to the file and have things all
work nicely together.  [All in-house intranet where all my users have IE and
MS office.]

Am I close to the mark? ... or do I need to pick up a case of Tabasco sauce
to wash down all the crow I'm gonna have to eat?


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