[thelist] Request for critique on debut site

Henk van den Bor Henk.Bor at hetnet.nl
Wed Apr 4 18:00:29 CDT 2001

Hello everyone,

i've been lurking in the digest shades for a month now and would like to say
thank you for all the usefull information you all so generously share this

i am in the last stage off my first ever site and would appriciate some 'pro'
comments on my debut.( as shy as any debutant about this post aswell )
The site is in dutch so i don't expect many off you can read it, you will have
to trust me on it being informative.
Known unsolved problem in NS 4.75 (so probably 4.x aswell) i get a 'gap' below
the buttons, I think it's something in the padding_ top set for the table below
it (css)
NS 6.0- in the top and bottom menutables I see 2 or 3(depending on which page)
1px wide white vertical-lines that I have not been able to get rid off, anyone
have this problem before ?
Another question: is there a way to put all the DW javascripts in a external .js
file? I fooled around with it, but it did not seem to work. Or did I miss
something (jd?)

If you do make a 'free' site for the sake off your portfolio remind yourself TLC
is a reward money won't buy. And the extra effort you might put in cause it's a
friend or relative you work for will pay off in the long run.

Tnx,  Henk

simplicity = not simple

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