[thelist] Local Action; Industry Associations

Joe Crawford jcrawford at avencom.com
Wed Apr 4 19:21:06 CDT 2001

Rebekah Murphy wrote:
> Tamara wrote:
> > As far as webgrrls -- that is now a for-profit
> > corporation run by a guy in
> > New York City -- there was a big to-do here in Chicago
> > over the for-profit
> > status, and yeah, a few were miffed that a man was
> Hmmm... must be why the Boston chapter is now
> leaderless. They have formed a new group at
> http://www.digitaleve.com/

lots of people have formed new groups in the wake of webgrrls falling
apart, or rather, turning into jerks:
DigitalEve is one of them.

Same thing happened here in San Diego, out of the remnants of that we
	http://www.techniquelle.com/ <--if you join, tell 'em I sent ya

Same kind of drama happened in L.A. as well:

And if you're into web orgs, formal, informal, there are many out there:
In San Diego, I started http://WebSanDiego.org/ for just that reason.
Seeking commiseration with fellow webheads.

In NY WWWAC, SF has NoEnd, LA has Web405, Goodtimes, TierOneNetwork.

AIP is still very good as well, url already mentioned.

I like the face to face as well - nice to get out there into the

	Joe Crawford

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