[thelist] Member directory??

Daniel J. Cody djc at starkmedia.com
Wed Apr 4 21:25:39 CDT 2001

Tamara Abbey wrote:

> Dan, Rudy, et al, is there a way to set up a member directory so we can 
> find each other? I think two threads in such a short space of time does 
> show an interest.

what was the other thread? I musta missed it :(

What would you like to see exactly? Like a listing of the last 15 people 
or something to update their sites? A listing of the most 'popular' 
accounts?(members.evolt.org/anarion is it right now, good looking site too)

Thanks for bringing this up Tamara.. Now that I know someone is 
interested in seeing that kind of stuff, I will get something together, 
ok? <hint> Thats really all it takes to get a new evolt feature people, 
really :) </hint>

I'll announce it this week here on thelist and on my little weblog 
application, ok?

Thanks again :)


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