[thelist] Member directory??

Claude Julien freedom at saintmail.net
Wed Apr 4 21:54:14 CDT 2001

Hi Rudy,

I don't know any cold fusion, but I am familiar with ASP and would be happy
to help if you like.  I'm not sure how similar the two are, but it's worth
looking at, I suppose.  What do you need done.


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> ... is there a way to set up a member directory
> so we can find each other?

yes, thanks for the reminder, tamara

member pages are next up (last up was the redesign)

we have a design in mind for member pages, and most of the necessaries
already in place in the database

all it needs is a volunteer cold fusion coder

any takers?  please sign up here --


and don't forget to post that you're volunteering (otherwise we won't know
you're there)


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