[thelist] Contract Jobs in the Netherlands?

mister jaimz jaimz at zip.com.au
Thu Apr 5 03:06:54 CDT 2001

Hi all, and apologies if this is off topic.

I'm moving to the Netherlands for several months and I've got myself a 
Working Holiday visa..  now I need to find myself some work.  Can anyone 
recommend either a good recruitment agency, or, preferably, a good design 
studio who are looking for a coder.

As far as qualifications go, I eat, sleep, think and dream in ASP, DHTML, 
VBScript, JavaScript, SQL, Stored Procedures and CSS.  I'm creative too - 
I've been working with a design team for the past year or so creating web 
sites and web applications.


             .:.  mister thOmas jaimz  ..  jaimz at zip.cOm.au  .:.
          .:.  dO what thOu wilt shall be the whOle of the law  .:.

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