[thelist] HELP!...Photoshop 6.0/windows 2000 nt/ i-link/lan error???????

s t e f stef at nota-bene.org
Thu Apr 5 04:22:04 CDT 2001

[sender: deike schulz || date: 10:52 05/04/2001 +0200]
>Hi there,
>I'm working with Photoshop 6.0 on a Sony Vaio/windows 2000 nt, with i-link
>port and I'm connected to a local area network (lan)..
>Everytime after connecting my video-cam via i-link I get major problems with
>Photoshop....who starts really, really slow...or won't start at all...(even
>after not using the video-cam/i-link port for days)
>When I switch off the LAN connection everything is fine again...
>If there is someone who experienced this kind of problem or knows how to
>solve this *$!%^*...please contact me.......

In my company we seem to have problems with PS6 on the network. Usually I 
save files locally, work on them, and then use the Explorer to put them 
back in place... I don't know if it's because of my Os (WinMe) or because 
of something weird on Ps6's part...

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