[thelist] BIIIIIG tables - HTML or ASP Limitation?

Norman Beresford n.beresford at anansi.co.uk
Thu Apr 5 05:25:29 CDT 2001

Hi Ron

Other people have already pointed out how to get round the script.timeout
problem. Something which I'd suggest doing is taking a look at the HTML that
you're producing.  If you've got the whole recordset appearing within one
table then be aware that some browsers will not display the page until the
closing table tag has been received.  I recently had a problem with a client
complaining that a page was taking too long to display.  After tweaking the
ASP (mainly using .getrows) I altered the HTML, so that each row was it's
own table, rather then being part of a larger uber-table.  That way each
record gets rendered as it arrives in the browser, making it feel as if the
whole page was appearing a lot faster (although there wasn't any actually
difference in overall speed to display).  And as a side benefit you'll get
around any possible limitations on row numbers in tables in HTML.



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