[thelist] Best Book for PHP4.0

Manish Sharma msharma at cityonlines.com
Thu Apr 5 06:51:14 CDT 2001

The Wrox Professional PHP Programming is actually geared towards PHP3 (Like
it doen't mention the foreach loop) but its a very thorough book in many
senses. Its chapters on LDAP, Image manipulation, MySQL excellent.
I've also found "MySQL" by Paul Du Bois terrific.
Hope this helps

Manish Sharma

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>I started with the O'reilly book entitled "MySQL & mSQL". It's a good
>starting point. "PHP for the World Wide Web: Visual Quickstart Guide" is
>probably another good starting point.
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>> Hi
>> Seeking help from the wise ones, a PHP newbie steps up to the stand and
>> asks:
>> what's the best book for understanding how/why etc of PHP and MySQL
>> combinations.
>> So many of the tutorials and manuals assume *soooo* much prior
>> knowledge.
>> Ideas anyone?
>> Thanks
>> Tony
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