[thelist] Request for critique with url this time

Rebekah Murphy bekah at nightvisions.com
Thu Apr 5 08:42:30 CDT 2001

> Henk wrote:
> I guess giving you a url would have been a good idea,
> sorry about that.
> Here it is www.hetgeheel.nl

Design crit only, since I can't read dutch. 

First off, I have a personal aversion to the font 
"Comic Sans", it strongly affects my opinion of a 
site. Overall, between the choice of colors and the 
choice of font, my feeling of the site is "cute". I 
picture the audience being talked down to in a 
subtle, soothing, patronising way. Again, I have no 
idea what this site is about.

The design is put together nicely, although the buttons 
are vauge, there is a message in the status bar, 
and additional plain text links, so even if the 
visitor doesn't mouse over a button, they will be able 
to navagate. If I was working on this site, I would want 
to link the rollover effects of the bottons and 
their corosponding text links, to show they are conected.

Also, the round bottons show some faint borders. It 
looks like they were aliased against the light peach 
color, then a darker color was used. 

As I get into the main parts of the site, the use of 
Comic Sans is overwhelming. I could look past it to 
a certain degree on the index page because there was a 
small amout. As the main font for the site the 
psychological reaction is quite strong. I feel as if 
someone is insisting a speaking to me in baby talk. 

As to the gap you are noticing in netscape, it is because 
of this:
<td width="16%"> 
                  <div align="center">code snipped 
for space</div>

Netscape interprets the hard return between the table 
cell contents and the end tag as a space. You will need 
to change all such TD's to look like this:
<td width="16%"> 
                  <div align="center">code snipped 
for space</div></td>
With the </TD> tag right up against the content.


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