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Megan Holbrook meganwh at mediaone.net
Thu Apr 5 10:25:30 CDT 2001

Both eInnovate and WIT are certainly open to all - though currently WIT
is just a list serv. You should *definitely* come to the next eInnovate
meeting - we really want to see more people involved in hands-on

<tip type="cooptition/networking">
Often web developers seem to assume that they are in competition with
all the other development firms out there, but they ignore the fact that
each firm has certain specialities and strengths. Rather than try to
provide all services to all clients, developers should be constantly
working to find other firms with specialists on a project-by-project
basis so that they can focus on their core offerings. This makes the
projects better executed, more cost-effective, with satisfied clients
who get what they really want; it also broadens the possibilities for
projects the firms can take on. Firms should also know when to simply
refer a project to another specialist rather than try and take on
something that really doesn't require their skillset.

Networking is the single most effective way to meet your "competition"
and "cooperate" with them. There's enough work out there for plenty of
different kinds of firms - make sure you get out and meet the poeple who
could refer new business to you, or become potential partners for future

"Daniel J. Cody" wrote:
> Megan -
> What about those of us in the Milwaukee area that aren't women? :)
> Can I come to the next meeting? I'll bring evolt tshirts! ;)
> <tip type="unix file permissions">
> If you want to recursivly change the permissions on a directory, use the
> -R switch like so:
> [djc at djc evolt/]# chown -R djc thisdir/
> </tip>
> .djc.
> Megan Holbrook wrote:
> >
> > I second that! In fact, we *do* have something like that - the eInnovate
> > group here has started a Purely Networking Night at the Milwaukee Ale
> > House. The next one is, I believe, on the 26th of April. You should
> > come, if you haven't been to one already. More information will be
> > available on www.eInnovate.org soon.
> >
> > There are also two list servs in Milwaukee, eInnovate at topica.com and
> > milw-WIT at topica.com (the local Women In Technology chapter). To
> > subscribe to either: send an email to eInnovate-subscribe at topica.com or
> > milw-WIT-subscribe at topica.com.
> >
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