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Mike Cohen - Tabletools.com mike at tabletools.com
Thu Apr 5 10:45:30 CDT 2001

Could someone tell me how to use a javascript location redirect that allows
the user to back out of the website they were redirected to, without being
redirected right back in over and over.

Michel Cohen

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> Microsoft HTML Filter 2.0 (free) does a pretty good job of cleaning up
> word. Not sure about excel though.
> <http://officeupdate.microsoft.com/2000/downloadDetails/Msohtmf2.htm>
> Gets rid of *most* of the extraneous code. You will still need to do some
> clean-up, just not as much.
> hth,
> - Bruce
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> >[...]
> >However, we have a large number of tables containing all sorts of data,
> >mostly in Word. I know that I can get word to save as an HTML, but it
> >huge amounts of unnecessary code, mainly <span> and style="" which I then
> >need to get rid of to apply the site CSS styles.
> >
> >I have Homesite, but even when I drag and drop into the HS design view I
> >extraneous coding. I believe Dreamweaver 4.0 has a tabular data import
> >a tab delimited file - no formatting attached, but it seems a bit
> >to get it just for this!
> Try importing it into HomeSite (not the design view) and then stripping
> tags out. Check the code sweeper settings and sweep it. It should come
> close but you'll probably have to go back and add your css.
> It probably won't be completely clean, but it should work a little better.
> <tamara />
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