[thelist] regexp question

Sam-I-Am sam at sam-i-am.com
Thu Apr 5 12:04:35 CDT 2001

the current/recent thread reminded me I wanted to update you on this. 

Sam-I-Am wrote:
> I'm trying to match repeated characters. And capture how many times they
> are repeated.
> e.g given string '--------_____' I want to know that there are 8 '-'
> characters, followed by 5 '_' characters.

I did get a solution working:

(this was for a javascript problem btw, so I don't have all the
possibilites I would in perl)

re=/(.)\1*/; 	/* regexp will match any single character, or runs of the
same character. so given 0010000 I could output 2x0,1,4x0

/* this is the basic loop. I'm just writing out the match, but you can
see that there are a load of properties (such as match length) that I
have access to each time around.

while(re.test(str)) { with(RegExp) {
	inputStr = str; str=rightContext; 
	   lastMatch (property of the RegExp object) is just that. 
	   lastMatch.length would tell me the length of the match (# repeating
	   inputStr is the string that was matched on (taken as input by the
	   str is redefined as the rightContext - everything after the last
	   so we can feed str back into the regexp, and as long as there's more
there to match, the loop keeps executing


thanks to all who offered suggestions. It all helped

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