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david braun david.braun at centralnet.ch
Thu Apr 5 13:27:20 CDT 2001

Chill down on MS, folks. 

I been told they already reformatted their copyright license, thus
reducing MS's copyright down to anything related to Products they own.
At least in the american/english license...


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> Not for nothing, but it seems that the issue of who owns what is typed into
> a web browser form is at least somewhat on topic. It being related to the
> web and to copyright, which is very relevant to web developers/content
> providers.
> If Microsoft (or Corporation X) owns everything which passes through it's
> servers, it de-values the work of everyone who produces copyrightable
> material.
> If these are the terms that Corporation X seeks for any site that it owns or
> buys, then that's something we (people who often produce things which
> should/could be copyrighted) should be aware of, and discuss.
> Am I wrong about this? Here's a pre-emptive tip...
"we don't see that we don't see what we can't see" (H. v. Foerster)

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