[thelist] Do women view web pages differently from men?

George Dillon evolt at georgedillon.com
Thu Apr 5 13:37:10 CDT 2001

So... over dinner, when I could get a word in between the kids' yellings...
I was trying to describe to my computer-phobic partner why I found it so
fascinating that both of the two guineau pigs testing my new creation seemed
utterly unable to 'see' any text links and always went for graphics, and
that I put this down to them both having a fair amount of browsing
experience and were therefore more attuned to speedily scanning a screen for
the items they were after, and she (having a masters in Women's Studies)
commented that it was because they were both MEN and that women would be
more likely to read what was in front of them... and I thought... could this
be true, and would evoltistas and evoltisteros have anything to say about
it... maybe even someone could cite a reference to an article with some
research statistics along these lines...  I mean, it would matter if you
were designing a site with a very gender-specific audience... you know...
men like looking at pictures, don't we, while women are more interested in
cerebral things... well, that's what she says anyway... what do you think?


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