[thelist] Do women view web pages differently from men?

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Thu Apr 5 14:53:50 CDT 2001

Moiself reads more than looks at images. Might be because I read a lot
offline and my first intro to the Internet was with email and chat rooms,
both being nuttin' but text... *shrug*

Reckon its like Joe said, set some people down to look at yer site...

Ron White

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Fortune Elkins wrote:
> >utterly unable to 'see' any text links
> funny. i have here an article where the head usability guy from yahoo sez
> all his tests show that users can't see buttons, they see only text links!
> http://www.nytimes.com/2000/12/11/technology/11SIMP.html

And how do we resolve these kinds of conflicts?

We must TEST!

No amount of theory and speculation can match the pure hellish
wonderfulness (testing is crucial, but painful) of actually testing
designs to see how users can understand and misunderstand them.
Sometimes you can use their misunderstandings to your advantage.

I say again:

	- Joe "beating a dead horse" Crawford
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