[thelist] Do women view web pages differently from men?

Joe Crawford jcrawford at avencom.com
Thu Apr 5 14:58:00 CDT 2001

Ron White wrote:
> Moiself reads more than looks at images. Might be because I read a lot
> offline and my first intro to the Internet was with email and chat rooms,
> both being nuttin' but text... *shrug*
> Reckon its like Joe said, set some people down to look at yer site...

Yeah, one of the first times I showed my Dad my personal site (maybe 2.5
years ago?) one of the first things he spotted was an ungrammatical
sentence. Some awkward construction I had used.

So this is a function of literacy, too; I think. I think that
arbitrarily choosing sex and then using men vs. women is not rational
enough, I'd factor in -- age, years browsing web, level of education,
maybe even how well they *see*.

	- Joe
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