[thelist] Do women view web pages differently from men?

Marc Seyon seyon at carib-link.net
Thu Apr 5 15:40:58 CDT 2001

>Coming from a strong personal "anti-blanket-statement" mentality, a couple
>questions came to mind about what you said.

I can definitely appreciate your comments on having specific info to back 
up statements. But I didn't get the opinion that Natalie's comments were 
blanket statements.

The words used were "The women found..." and "The men asked..." Not "Women 
found..." and "Men found..." I see nothing wrong with her stating what she 
observed of The men and The women she worked with.

I think this is an interesting thread. For informative reasons only. Not to 
start WWIII - the Gender Battles. I think the warning sgd threw out about 
"let's not even start to go this way" applies to what you've started too.

A further question. If everyone on this list asks say 5 or 6 people, 
assuming this list has about 1000 users, does that constitute a proper 
survey, if the results are tabulated? (I actually am curious about this, 
not being snide.)


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