[thelist] <cferror> and NT/Unix differences

Benekli benekli at benekli.net
Thu Apr 5 16:19:43 CDT 2001

The logic is fine except that the Unix box is running 4.0 right? I don't exactly 
remember how 4.0 behaved but I do know that the error mechanism has changed a bit 
since then. For one there's site wide error checking in 4.5 enabled via the admin 
panel. You can also now execute cftags from the error templates where as previously 
the cfServer would stop processing and abort cftags. Look up Charles Arehart on the 
cfdj site, if I remember correctly he had a three part article dedicated to error 
handling. One last note is that I do believe the type="exception" did NOT exists in 
4.0 along with type="monitor".


<->However, when the cferror file wasn't found during development, we'd get an
<->error any time any page was loaded saying that the template file could not be
<->found.  So, I would expect it to do the same thing on Unix (no matter if the
<->page has an error or not, app_globals.cfm would choke on <cferror>).  Is that
<->not a good expectation?

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