[thelist] Best Book for PHP4.0

Tony Crockford tony at boldfish.co.uk
Thu Apr 5 17:08:06 CDT 2001


Thanks for all the help.

I've been out to the local bookshop, for my need is great and urgent.
(and amazon.co.uk say 2-3 weeks delivery!)

I couldn't find the Julie Meloni books (perhaps because I'm UK based)

I did find the Wrox book, but that looked a bit complicated and

I found the Jay Greenspan/Brad Bulger book which seems to be exactly
what I was looking for.  A blow by blow nuts and bolts approach to using
PHP and MySQL to build data driven web sites. (complete with a CD with
all the code and apps for GBP29.99)

So thanks for all the help, I'll let you know how I get on.

Kind regards


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