[thelist] customer CF error handling and the error logs (was RE: [thelist] <cferror> and NT/Unix differences)

scott.brady at homeqonline.com scott.brady at homeqonline.com
Thu Apr 5 19:00:03 CDT 2001

Well, I couldn't figure out what was wrong (all the cases were right).  But,
Charles Arehart's article in CFDJ made me realize that all I really needed to do
was use the Default Error Handler in the Cold Fusion Administrator.

Thanks a lot!

One more quick (I think) question.

Our custom error page is displaying a nice generic error message for the users
and e-mailing the administrator with the error page.  However, these errors are
no longer being logged in the error log (which kind of makes sense, since <
cfcatch > doesn't either, to my knowledge).  Is there a setting in the
Administrator or that I can put in the code to also log the error in the file?
Or, do I have to manually write code to append to the error log?

Ok, technically, that was 2 questions.


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