brain_damage (was) [thelist] Free tip

Joseph A Borg tech at
Fri Apr 6 03:24:33 CDT 2001

on 21/03/01 7:54 PM, Baker, Nick at BakerN at wrote:

> A trick to sleeping (without drugs)
> when you cannot is burying your head under a pillow.  The partial
> asphyxiation causes the body to fall asleep easier.

it's nice to see somebody using my tricks!
a nice walk in the park usually slows me down a little in happy hippie mode,
if I need to sleep but cannot due to tension/sickness/dizzyness... I tend to
put my head under the sheets in a semi-fetal position taking deep slow full
breaths using both chest and diaphragm: tends to preserve body heat, lower
blood oxygen levels... the noxious gasses tend to help as well but that's
not official and cannot be confirmed or denied...

I'm not a physician, and do it at my own risk... the best way to combat
stress, is to avoid it as much as possible

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