[thelist] What's in a name?

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Personally - people using their own name doesn't usually catch my eye.  (In
fact, a lot of times it seems pompous).

I don't have any bright ideas for names for you, but once you come up with
one, it's easy and cheap to register that name as your DBA (Doing Business
As).  Just go to your county office, pay around $40.00, and then they give
you details on how to run a small ad in their acceptable newspapers for
around another $40.00.  This gives anyone using the same name a chance to
respond and then you're free and clear.

You'll then get a "Certificate of Ownership" document, which allows you to
open a checking account with that name, depending where you plan to go with
this.  Gotta be able to deposit those big checks they're going to be making
out to you!

Good luck picking a name!


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> I'm on the verge of establishing a domain name for myself and my
> business.  I've seen many very good domains listed in sigs through lurking
> on the list, many very colorful and descriptive.  But does anyone have a
> specific convention for choosing the name that's right for them or is it
> just or miss?  Also, I'm curious if using your name as in
> firstnamelastname.com is a good way to go.  I've designed for others for 2
> years now on the side but after much encouragement (and losing money on
> hardware sales) I'm making it my focus.  So what's one to do?
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