[thelist] Javascript problem.....

Joe Crawford jcrawford at avencom.com
Fri Apr 6 09:40:03 CDT 2001

aardvark wrote:
> this looks like the code in the article Real-World Browser Size
> Stats, Part I (http://evolt.org/article/list/17/2295/index.html)... the
> code in the first block of code...
> oddly, i've not had any problems (that i know of)... and there is a
> comment on the article from someone who modified how he called
> it...
> if you can detail the browser version and OS, that might help...
> otherwise, if you solve it, please add it as a comment to that
> article, and i can also update it...

I'd like to see that as well ... but with the addition of an "if" for
"document.getElementById" -- would be nice to account for the newer and
future browsers...

    - Joe
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