[thelist] What's in a name?

deke web at master.gen.in.us
Fri Apr 6 10:47:58 CDT 2001

On 6 Apr 2001, at 9:59, Peter Kaulback posted a message which said:

> I'm on the verge of establishing a domain name for myself and my 
> business.  I've seen many very good domains listed in sigs through lurking 
> on the list, many very colorful and descriptive.  But does anyone have a 
> specific convention for choosing the name that's right for them or is it 
> just or miss?  Also, I'm curious if using your name as in 
> firstnamelastname.com is a good way to go.  I've designed for others for 2 
> years now on the side but after much encouragement (and losing money on 
> hardware sales) I'm making it my focus.  So what's one to do?

The benefit of being PeterKaulback.com is that if you are operating
out of your home, you don't have to pay business phone rates in 
order for people to find you. 

The problem with being PeterKaulback.com is that people are going
to get 404 errors because they will try PeteKaulback.com, 
PeterCallback.com, PeterKaulbach.com and all sorts of other 

I suppose you could use your initials and emphasize your speedy
service by calling yourself PKzip.com, but that domain is taken. 
Although Phil Katz died last year, I don't think it will be available

In any case, choose something people can remember, and that
people can spell. It wouldn't be expensive to register both 
PKaulback.com and PKaulbach.com, with both domains pointing 
to the same site....


 "The church is near but the road is icy; 
  the bar is far away but I will walk carefully." 
                            -- Russian Proverb

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