[thelist] What's in a name?

Rebekah Murphy bekah at nightvisions.com
Fri Apr 6 11:33:08 CDT 2001

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Peter wrote:
> I've seen many very good domains listed in
> sigs through lurking 
> on the list, many very colorful and descriptive.  But
> does anyone have a 
> specific convention for choosing the name that's right
> for them or is it 
> just or miss? 

Well, I originally wanted "Night Sky" but both 
nightsky.com and nightskydesigns.com were taken. Then 
my husband said "What about Night Visions? You know, 
like dreams." It was available so I registered it. Last 
fall I registered it with the city of Boston so I can 
use NightVisions.com on business stuf instead of my 
name. And last week I got EIN, so I don't need to 
give strangers my SS#.

So, my advice is think of things you like, and get a 
bunch of friends together to brainstorm. Have a web 
browser handy to check URL availability, and alcohol 
might help in some cases :)

http://NightVisions.com *** Web Design and Renovation
http://nightvisions.com/homepage - Portfolio
http://nightvisions.com/ooey_gui - Icons
http://nightvisions.com/personal - Personal

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