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Scott Dexter sgd at ti3.com
Fri Apr 6 16:20:35 CDT 2001

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> From: Josh Spiegel [mailto:joshsquared at yahoo.com]
> Does anybody know why port 443 would be disabled on IIS5?
> Im am trying to enable SSL on my server and it won't work.  I 

I've just gone through the install of a test cert on an IIS box
(https://www.thinksafely.org/) and now that I've gone through it...

The last time I checked the website in question (http://s65.net) I got a
connection refused for https://s65.net/ ...

Do you mind swapping screen caps offlist?

Are you requiring 128 bit encryption?
Do you have Client Certificates set to "Ignore client certificates" ?

get a hold of me offlist, I'm in a better place to help ya out (having had
my hands on it now =) )

work: http://www.ti3.com/
non: http://thinksafely.org/

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