[thelist] Do women view web pages differently from men?

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interesting, but more importantly,
http://stats.bls.gov:80/news.release/wkyeng.t07.htm (scroll over if 
you don't see stats for weekly salary) very clearly shows a 
difference in pay between men and women _in the same occupation_.

Of course, there are a lot of places who do pay women and men the 
same amount, but *in general* there is a significant gap in 

You can refute the first page because it doesn't show *by occupation* 
the differences, but the second page does. And no, you can't blame it 
on part time workers because this is a table of "Median usual weekly 
earnings of full-time wage and salary workers by occupation and sex, 
annual averages."

Don't perpetuate _your_ myth when the statistic you're trying to 
debunk is very clearly documented here. Now, can you show me that 
"every single survey" says men and women in comparable jobs are paid 
the same? I've shown, using the most recent Census data (presumably 
the largest single statistical base in the U.S.) that there's at 
least one that doesn't agree with you.

Furthermore, if you're using the argument that more men are in 
management than women, explain why that is the case. Shouldn't there 
be a roughly equal number of women in management positions, 
considering women now outnumber men in the United States?

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>being the ones whose salaries are discounted by at least 20% as compared
>with men,
>When are people going to stop throwing out this meaningless statistic?? Men
>and women in comparable jobs are paid the SAME, every single survey says
>this. What this "statistic" represents is the OVERALL salary averages. Men's
>overall salaries are higher because there are more of them in higher
>management and more women work part-time while raising families, thereby
>lowering their overall average.
>To quote Mark Twain - There are lies, damned lies and statistics...
>Ron White

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