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Fri Apr 6 21:26:09 CDT 2001

On 6 Apr 2001, at 17:23, Salvatore Palmisano posted a message which said:

> Is it possible to utilize the include file statement with straight HTML?
> Im working on a project that is housed on a UNIX server (remote location)
> and cant seem to use the <!-- #INCLUDE FILE="who.html"--> statement.
> Im used to using this syntax from within *.shtml or *.asp pages but its
> always been under IIS4 or IIS5.
> Is this possible on a UNIX web server?

Virtually all unix web servers run Apache. 

The Apache documentation indicates that you may *not* put 
a space before the pound sign (crosshatch), and recommends
(but does not insist) that you include a space before the (-->) 
directive terminator. 

The documentation also recommends specifying the include
file with "virtual=" instead of "file=".  

With virtual, you can specify a path starting with / in order to 
access any file in the htdocs directory tree; with file, you can 
only specify files in the same directory or subdirectories. You 
can also include a query string with "virtual="  As far as I can 
tell, there are no advantages whatsoever to using "file=" and
the documentation says to always use virtual in preference to



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