[thelist] Do women view web pages differently from men?

Janet Nabring-Stager jnabring at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 6 22:15:29 CDT 2001

Ron White wrote:
> >When are people going to stop throwing out this meaningless 
statistic?? Men
> >and women in comparable jobs are paid the SAME, every single 
survey says
> >this. What this "statistic" represents is the OVERALL salary 
averages. Men's
> >overall salaries are higher because there are more of them in 
> >management and more women work part-time while raising families, 
> >lowering their overall average.
> >

Then how do you explain the woman surgeon (at a prominent hospital in
the northeastern us-cannot remember where, but could find out if
anyone doubts this) who succesfully sued for discrimination when she
found out she was paid $30,000 less than her male peers?  This
happens all the time, and the reverse-case scenario is much less

Unfortunately, I am well aware that this comment requires a tip, but
I'm a relatively newbie, so I don't feel any tip I'd offer would be
anything new to anyone :)

Janet Nabring-Stager

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