[thelist] Microsoft Word to _GOOD_ HTML

Gustavo Arizpe garizpe at network.com.mx
Sat Apr 7 04:10:44 CDT 2001

I look from time to time for some tool, macro, program or something that
would convert MS Word documents into GOOD html code, i.e. respect headings,
paragraphs, lists, etc, without inserting annoyances, without
<b><p>text</b><p> type of markup that turns CSS useless, without using font
tags instead of heading tags.

I normally end up giving up, but I still have some hope. There must be
something out there!!

Do you know about any obscure converter that does the job just fine? I think
those old CU_HTML, HTML Author, ANT and other Macros and dot files were
never upgraded and probably aren't available anymore.



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