[thelist] Wacom tablets - info?

carole guevin carole at soulmedia.com
Sat Apr 7 07:11:54 CDT 2001

Hi everyone,

I'm considering buying an Intuos drawing tablet - either a 6x8 or 9x12.
What I need to know is the ratio of compensation required by each size.

Meaning on the 6x8 which I gather is the full size of screen resolution (ex,
mine is 1152x864) or size of illustrator file (ex, 500x300)
Also what are the pros and cons for the 9x12 size?

Does it replace your mouse - like wacome serial port and mouse usb - is it
one or the other or I could use both?

Also - as for the size of line - the stylus has a quite large tip - let's
say that I'm accustomed to using .5mm lead pencil - will I be able to have
that kind of fine line precision with tablet?

Any known problems - the station it will be installed on is a PIII450/384mg

carole guevin
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  + studio + http://soulmedia.com

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