[thelist] Microsoft Word to _GOOD_ HTML

Eric Cestari eric at ohmforce.com
Sat Apr 7 12:49:25 CDT 2001

DreamWeaver also does it (Clean Word HTML in Tools, I guess)

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Subject: [thelist] Microsoft Word to _GOOD_ HTML

> I look from time to time for some tool, macro, program or something that
> would convert MS Word documents into GOOD html code, i.e. respect
> paragraphs, lists, etc, without inserting annoyances, without
> <b><p>text</b><p> type of markup that turns CSS useless, without using
> tags instead of heading tags.
> I normally end up giving up, but I still have some hope. There must be
> something out there!!
> Do you know about any obscure converter that does the job just fine? I
> those old CU_HTML, HTML Author, ANT and other Macros and dot files were
> never upgraded and probably aren't available anymore.
> Thanks
> Gustavo
> http://www.area.com.mx
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