[thelist] Java Script

Edwin Martin e.j.martin at chello.nl
Sat Apr 7 17:23:07 CDT 2001


>Nice theory, but it doesn't work. In many browsers, you can
>accidently double-click on a form and submit it twice.

It's not only a theory, I use it and it works.

This double click problem only happens on a Mac, not?

>If you use POST for your forms, a browser is not allowed to
>cache the results page, but the message the browser sends
>to the user ("OK to re-post form data") doesn't really get across
>the idea that if you re-post the form data, you're submitting a
>duplicate order, and that there is another way to get back
>where you were, by using the dropdown list on the BACK key.

With my "theory", you *don't* get the "Ok to re-post" message.

When a user clicks the back button (or goes back through
the history list), s/he will not resubmit the form.

>In the end, you *must* keep track of enough information (the
>card number and the amount charged, perhaps) to be able to
>put up a page that says "Hey, wait a second, we just charged
>an order very much like this one. If you *really* want to place
>another order, <a>click here</a>, and if you don't, <a>click
>here instead</a>

That's always a good idea.


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