[thelist] OT: testing thelist robot, 2of2

Cristian Secara secarica at fx.ro
Sun Apr 8 19:36:54 CDT 2001

[this is message 2 of 2, sent with Outlook Express 5]
Sorry for this, but there is a problem with thelist's non-plain-text robot
I am sending this same message twice, first with my usual mailer, PMMail
2000, then with Outlook Express 5.

Yesterday (Sunday) I have sent a message that returned after 5 hours,
telling that it was rejected due to non ethical compliance, since my message
was not plain-text format.
This was wrong, as my message *was* plain-text format.
Matt Warden suggested there is a problem with PMMail's header (what problem
?). Therefore I want to check this with OE, to see what happens.

I am also extremely annoyed about the fact that my messages are delayed with
more than 6 hours to thelist mailing list, thelist being unique in this
sense. A delayed reply to this list is like the message goes directly to

Sorry again.
Best wishes,

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