[thelist] 11. RE: Do women view web pages differently from men?

deike schulz deike.schulz at getthere.nl
Mon Apr 9 03:22:43 CDT 2001

this is what Millward Brown found out..interesting, too....greets, Deike
Women using the MSN network in the USA find the Internet a good way of
obtaining product information, and for many, the sale begins online. These,
and other findings emerge from a study conducted by Millward Brown for MSN
in the USA.

Over 2000 MSN women aged 18-54 years, and 936 MSN New Moms were interviewed
over the internet about their attitudes and behaviour online. And the
results show clearly the potential for MSN women to respond positively to
online advertising and marketing if it is created and targeted correctly.

For 8 in 10 MSN women, the Internet has positively impacted their lives with
shopping, communications, and receiving news and information being regular
online activities. Over 6 in 10 say they have clicked on banner ads as a way
of acquiring more information, and many believe that brands which advertise
online are more forward thinking than those that don’t. MSN women believe
that product sites can positively enhance a brand’s image.

To find out more about the Millward Brown study of MSN women, view

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