[thelist] Windows Media and NN6

Jamie Madden jamie at bayou.com
Mon Apr 9 09:22:54 CDT 2001

i've got a slight problem.  for some reason NN6 will not play an embedded 
windows media file.  it does the "get the pluggin" thing.  so i 
re-downloaded WM7 and installed it and still no go.  i know it's because 
NN6 doesn't understand the mime type but i have no idea how to fix 
it.  didn't windows media use to ask which browsers you want to install the 
pluggin to?  well, it doesn't any more.  any help would be greatly appreciated.
Jamie Madden
Web Development Manager
Bayou Internet  --  http://www.bayou.com
Mississippi Internet  --  http://www.mississippi.net
Vicksburg Online  --  http://www.vicksburg.com

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