[thelist] dumb browser question

Joe Crawford jcrawford at avencom.com
Mon Apr 9 10:40:54 CDT 2001

Lisa Frost wrote:
> With all the talk of Netscape 6 on this list I thought I should go to the
> archive and download it so I can test my sites.

The archive <http://browsers.evolt.org/> is the bomb, of course, but for
"living" browsers sometimes other sources may be preferred...

For Netscape 6:
is the best place to start.

> But when I get there what do I down load? (oh the shame :))

6.01 is current-est, I think.

> Am I supposed to be going to Mozilla? And then which version?

Remember that Mozilla is open source, and Netscape 6 has mozilla "in its
blood" - Mozilla is not ready for primetime, but you can indeed get the
latest information from <http://www.mozilla.org/> -- and the most current
downloads from:

> I will now crawl back under my desk to hide my embarrassment!

Nonsense! :-)

    - Joe
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